Zine The real and the unreal people

Zine “The real and the unreal people”(Jan 2012)

Zine - The real and unreal people -art zine



Zine “The real and the unreal people”(Jan 2012)

Hong Kong where thewipe’s base most of the drawings inside this book.
You can find all his work at Plastictoyplanet.com.

Follow his Instagram too. And check out his Patreon
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Find another zine at optimoo also created by Thewipe .A must have, 36 pages pencil handrawn fanzine.


6 US$ free shipping /each

50 copies – all numbered
36 pages of A5 size photocopied paper
148mm x 120mm
Pen and pencil drawings

Sorry this product is sold out




  1. how I love your work justo. This is the new BATMAN of Zine!

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