Illustration zine by thewipe (2nd zine)

2nd  illustration zine

These drawings for the illustration zine are all  done in pencil and watercolor , all black and white . Photo copied total of  36 pages.

5 US$ each

50 copies limited edition only (numbered at the back)
36 pages of A5 size photocopied paper
148mm x 120mm
pencil and watercolor.
It will be sent via ordinary mail and with ziplock bag.
price for shipping included.

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The first limited edition Zine that thewipe made are all sold out.   Though you can still see it here.  – The real and the unreal people .

See more zines are being created at his Patreon page.

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This 2nd zine  is now 5 $ US.

2nd illustration zine by justo

illustration zine
New uploaded image as of July 18, 2018
illustration zine
Photo uploaded July 18, 2018


2nd illustration zine
This zine  $5.00

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