Monkey with cymbals illustration

Monkey with cymbals illustration vector drawing created by our artist Claus Bons. Download it now.

You can get this  and use it for any illustration work,  your logo , web graphics, tee shirt designs, art prints, poster, business cards or any print designs.

If ever would you like a special request to change the file please write in our comment box.

In the Link is a zip file with Illustrator version cs4, EPS and a hi resolution JPEG.

The image on display is compressed and low resolution.

Please support Claus !

Visit and follow his Instagram account.

Feel free to contact us if you want to request changes and request for new illustration.

Monkey with cymbals illustration vector drawing is 2 $ US.

monkey with cymbals


Order Monkey with Cymbals
Monkey with Cymbals @ $2.00



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